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  • Spacebar jump
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We are working on new version of LIF

Have you ever wanted to become an animal for a while ? This game is your great chance. You can even play online and fight with other animals. If you want to be another animal, just find the totem and wait a few seconds.
Developer is Gamevial
All rights belong to Gamevial

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Lif Serengetti online game

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Lif Serengetti


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hhhhhhh (unregistered) [18:45 Aug 28th, 2018]


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Good Doggo (unregistered) [18:28 Aug 19th, 2018]

It doesn't even load anymore! >>>:T

Marty [02:00 Aug 20th, 2018]

it loads without any problems

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BLAH BLAH (unregistered) [20:26 Oct 4th, 2018]

Mine works perfect because i played it before 🙂
😑 😑 😑 😑 😑

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help (unregistered) [10:42 Aug 12th, 2018]

hey im a noob and i don't know how to become a different animal. can you help me?

vnr [12:00 Aug 16th, 2018]

you need to find a woody totem when you find it you will see different animals woody heads

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A flipping dog wrote this comment. (unregistered) [03:09 Jul 31st, 2018]

It's a good game despite the fact that there is incredibly and I mean I N C R E D I B L Y hostile animals. Marty, would it be possible for you to contact the creator of this? make the animals' behavior more realistic or add more animals? like in Wolf quest you can come across a cliff that you cannot stand on, but at night a cougar spawns in there and hisses and growls at you. but it doesn't attack. I would think it would make a great idea if you made the bear stand up on it's two legs if you played as a wolf and roar. and if you get too close, it'll attack. And all that. Like making the animals that are known to be extra territorial do that if you are the same species/a competing species ( if you are the same gender and species because usually males compete with other males and females sometimes will fight other females to remain on top.) also I can't seem to find the Lion totem. speaking of the savannah it would be great if the wildebeest sort of made a gesture to threaten you. The crocodiles should hiss at you and snap at you to keep you away. And elephants should NOT be aggressive the creator of this game would be better off studying animal behaviors before making a game where everything is trying to viciously murder you for no reason at all. That's my comment on this. (Marty, please respond to me :>😉

Marty [10:22 Jul 31st, 2018]

It would be better to wait for multiplayer

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A flipping dog wrote this comment (unregistered) [03:21 Aug 1st, 2018]

Mhm, I guess you're right. But it would be great if that happened, Amiright?

Marty [13:50 Aug 1st, 2018]

maybe I will look at it later, but right now, we are working on multiplayer

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A flipping dog wrote this comment (unregistered) [20:24 Aug 1st, 2018]

Mk, thank you!

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Hide (unregistered) [12:33 Jul 9th, 2018]

My game loaded after a long time and i still couldn't play because of the emmense lag! 😑

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pervertssuck769 (unregistered) [19:59 Jun 29th, 2018]

im board...! there is no multplayer and i cant play becuz singlplayer is bad

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snail friend (unregistered) [20:38 Jun 27th, 2018]

when will there be multiplayer again?

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Doodly-Doo (unregistered) [13:44 Jun 28th, 2018]

maybe when they finish it? i hope it comes back tho. singleplayer sucks.

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justafan (unregistered) [20:08 Jul 4th, 2018]

single player sucks alot but hey the more you play on single player the more you can kill the noobs that like to attack you over nothing 😀

The player has no avatar fan (unregistered) [12:07 Jun 26th, 2018]

glitches; tundra- freezing animal on pine leaves and other objects savanna- invisible totems desert- invisible crows

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Poof (unregistered) [14:34 Jun 24th, 2018]

Multiplayer is under construction. All we have left right now is Singleplayer. But it sucks. Why? *joins game* *gets spotted by animal* *runs away* *gets far away* *has 10 animals now chasing self* *dies* You can't stop to eat or drink! Just nonstop running because the AI can follow you literally anywhere. No escape. 🙁

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Girlz4Life (unregistered) [08:11 Jun 25th, 2018]

I'll have to agree with Poof a small bit, but singeplayer is more unfair. Your literally the only target of many bots, and the bots attack you whether or not their hungry. I have an idea to make this more fair. Like the bots can attack other animals that qualify as "Prey" to them, making you have to compete for food or have a better chance to get away. Another idea is they can attack you when they are hungry.

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roxydove (unregistered) [18:10 Jun 22nd, 2018]

guys it will load just give it time and if you seem to have issues with getting in the game give it time... as you pass the time watch a vid or listen to music also if you are a true fan to this game you will go into the stress just to play it 😀

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Dima games (unregistered) [11:09 Jun 4th, 2018]

*** 😉

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Zera (unregistered) [11:20 May 21st, 2018]

Raven-Woods is remaking Lif, which is why you can't play it rn.. check out their website, I'm pretty sure you can download the game from it for free.

Marty [05:04 May 25th, 2018]

We are remaking Lif too 😉

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mleddington (unregistered) [08:58 Jun 16th, 2018]

what do you mean marty you can not make lif

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A flipping dog wrote this comment (unregistered) [20:28 Aug 1st, 2018]

Actually, they are. That's why Multiplayer is under development, Mleddington. ( I hope I spelled that right. If not, I am sorry. )

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mleddington (unregistered) [15:42 Aug 30th, 2018]

oh well multiplayer probably well not be out for the next year.... 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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mleddington (unregistered) [15:46 Aug 30th, 2018]

well if they are make the AI animals less violent plz.....i went to the forest and the bear is always right there also in savvanah that stupid croc is always right there

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ems9019 (unregistered) [20:17 Apr 9th, 2018]


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Galaxygirlygamer (unregistered) [13:55 Feb 28th, 2018]

aww for f**k sake.., it aint workin i think..

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minoş (unregistered) [01:59 Jan 12th, 2018]

sorry but this game is no longer available... 🙁


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