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  • X attack / feeding
  • L attack / love
  • Spacebar jump
  • Esc menu

We are working on new version of LIF

Have you ever wanted to become an animal for a while ? This game is your great chance. You can even play online and fight with other animals. If you want to be another animal, just find the totem and wait a few seconds.
Developer is Gamevial
All rights belong to Gamevial

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Lif Serengetti online game

90% 298.8k plays

Lif Serengetti


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SAmeOldStair (unregistered) [01:37 Feb 20th, 2016]

HEELLLOOOOO- nice game BUT, cant walk have feet way form my spawning point without a rpker killing me constantly T_T
other than that it is ok. Also the single player- CANT EVEN MOOOVVEE WITHOUT GETTING KILLED BY SOMETHING DUMB AND RANDOM- other than THOSE, this game is good T_T

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TheWolfGamer (unregistered) [13:15 May 22nd, 2016]

I have the same problem!

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mleddington (unregistered) [09:03 Jun 16th, 2018]

so do i

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Sk8tedonthate (unregistered) [00:40 Feb 20th, 2016]

You just have to use Explorer, google wont work.

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Black panter / wildcats (unregistered) [04:09 Feb 6th, 2016]

😈 😀 😊 😑

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Spacecat1989 (unregistered) [23:29 Oct 14th, 2015]

Ok I was hoping you can play the game

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JeromeGamer784 (unregistered) [05:02 Sep 25th, 2015]

cool 🙂

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UnBaws (unregistered) [17:29 Aug 28th, 2015]

Eh... I suppose I need help.. Howto download and start game? 🙁

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Toby (unregistered) [16:05 May 10th, 2016]

Get Unity and Abdobe flash player to start the game
Have fun 😉

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GreatHound (unregistered) [03:45 Aug 21st, 2015]

I agree there should be a jungle and Arctic Lif! it would be awesome.

i love this game but has issues : 1.Hackers 2.Lag (sometimes) 3. Connecting issues a lot of people are complaining they can't join! V

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yellowbee121 [03:54 Dec 27th, 2014]

Thay need more of these so you can be a horse

XxWolfWingxX [16:25 Nov 29th, 2014]

When I click Play Lif all it does is reload the page what do I do?
I'm new to Lif and I wan't to play it myself instead of watching people on YouTube play it.

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Toby (unregistered) [16:03 May 10th, 2016]

Just get Unity 3D and Play that's all
Make sure U have the following things
Unity 3D and Abdobe flash player

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TheWalkingDeadForEverett [16:42 Nov 24th, 2014]

I wish people would stop using Cheat Engine. They're really obnoxious and it's really irritating..

JayRandecker [10:35 Oct 4th, 2014]


Skrecina [08:00 Aug 21st, 2014]

😑 thx for this game

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Boogaloobdeedoo [04:14 Aug 8th, 2014]

I love this game! I also love single player which is really cool.

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scourge2AJ [22:17 Jul 30th, 2014]

love it

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asdfmoviepiggie [12:15 Jun 13th, 2014]

lif is being hacked. when ever somebody joins they die. this is also happening to the sequel as well and i can't stand it! so please ban the hackers. it does not say their user name any more all it say is (Game over bad luck,you). it was a fun game but i can't play when ever its hacked so it now sucks. the game was fun though and i would recommend it when the hackers are gone forever. 😑


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