Madness Retaliation

Madness Retaliation online game

Madness Retaliation

• Published Oct 25th, 2010 with 23408 plays

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Experience more action adventures in the new madness game, which this time is made in the form of moves with the character. You will move between individual rooms and your goal is to eliminate enemies. You will make attacks in the form of moves, so think ahead about who will attack whom. The goal is to kill everyone, and ideally everyone on your team survives. Let's do this.

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Madness (unregistered) [03:18 Oct 19th, 2023]

Я играю с телефона и некоторые стены и шкафы при нажатии не открываются

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jason (unregistered) [20:08 Oct 5th, 2023]

it wont let me break the wall

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lalabusta (unregistered) [18:42 Sep 21st, 2023]

good game 😀

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Hank (unregistered) [02:18 Jul 20th, 2023]

After playing this game I rather play Madness Project Nexus 2

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yea (unregistered) [14:01 Sep 12th, 2023]

you can't compare them they are completely different plus this was fan made for madness day

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madnessfrtho (unregistered) [22:37 Jun 9th, 2023]

this is so good

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MadnessFanPlayer (unregistered) [01:32 May 21st, 2023]

If you lose your stuff, go to the right down sided corner, therefore, a Save/Load will be there. Click it and it will save your inventory, armour and others you had.

Also, the emulator is Ruffle, which hasn't been fully complete, so some lockers will not be accessible.

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YooBroWhatareudoing (unregistered) [23:29 May 27th, 2023]

If you can't open the lockers after get keycard 2 how do you complete the game?

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lcs (unregistered) [13:34 May 4th, 2023]

i like the game but is one part i can't open the lockers making me lose lots of useful stuff

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WowNotOldPlayers (unregistered) [23:11 Aug 22nd, 2022]

Guys, read the description, its a developing emulator and it'll be done in 2023, please wait don't just say its bad.

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MIGUEL (unregistered) [16:05 Apr 17th, 2022]


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jake (unregistered) [07:40 Jun 26th, 2021]

if you will play this game then you need first to mission complete

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ninjawolf (unregistered) [15:38 Jun 4th, 2021]

how do i play i have not played this game in a long time and i am clicking the map and everything and nothing is working

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ninja wolf fan (unregistered) [22:58 Jul 23rd, 2021]

me too bro but i found this link to Play it Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

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opinions (unregistered) [14:50 May 11th, 2021]

this game was good. when it ran on flash

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STFU (unregistered) [20:39 Apr 2nd, 2021]

Bruh this game is trash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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L337_AGENT (unregistered) [04:27 Jun 28th, 2023]

If you does not like our games then get out, we not payed by auditors for clearing troll people.

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