Raze 3

Raze 3 online game

Raze 3

• Published Jul 10th, 2014 with 49273 plays
• Developer: Sky9 Games

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WASD = move Spacebar = jump Mouse = fire, Q or E = change weapon

Raze 3 is an exciting game centered on Earth's salvation after a devastating alien invasion. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity has taken refuge in floating sky cities. Players undergo a rigorous training program to combat a variety of adversaries, including aliens, robots, and zombies, armed with a vast arsenal of powerful weapons.

With diverse game modes to choose from and the ability to customize your character's appearance, the game offers ample variety. Additionally, daily challenges present the opportunity to earn rewarding prizes. As you progress, you can enhance your character's skills and equipment, ultimately determining Earth's fate in this thrilling adventure. Brace yourself for an epic journey to rescue the planet!

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Raze online game

84% 13.5k plays


Raze 2 online game

88% 70.2k plays

Raze 2


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rhys (unregistered) [14:39 Dec 2nd, 2023]

you will need to play the 1st one?

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OgGuy (unregistered) [17:26 Nov 28th, 2023]

Raze 3 is one of the top games of flash, i got lucky the frame rate is very good on my phone for some reason XD, but i need a keyboard and a mouse..

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OgGuy (unregistered) [17:31 Nov 28th, 2023]

Nevermind i lag too xd

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pable (unregistered) [15:09 Jun 28th, 2023]

i love raze i played 7 years ago and i wanted some nostalgia but its not playable do to frame rate being so low i cant even move

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zelatul76 (unregistered) [12:24 Feb 9th, 2023]

i love raze 3

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fam (unregistered) [01:04 Aug 15th, 2022]

im actually discombobulated

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solbad (unregistered) [03:45 Jun 20th, 2022]

it doesnt work, but i love the game.

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gsdray (unregistered) [08:25 Dec 16th, 2021]

not working but it so like it

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Code name (unregistered) [04:29 Jun 27th, 2021]

It is not opening, I love this game

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jamie12345 [17:28 Jul 24th, 2014]

i love raze


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