Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal online game

Scrap Metal

• Published Jun 1st, 2015 with 39842 views


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arrow keys = control, CTRL = moving the obstacles, T = slow down, SHIFT = clutch, F and V = gear lever, space bar = hand brake, 1-7 = change view, Shift + R = repair the car

In this game you will have lots of fun and make some tricks in the 3D graphics. The game is very well done and at the very beginning you play with the US car Ford Mustang. Start playing and have maximum fun!

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Scrap Metal 4 online game

84% 18.8k plays

Scrap Metal 4

Scrap Metal 5 online game

82% 19.6k plays

Scrap Metal 5

Scrap Metal 6 online game

80% 25.7k plays

Scrap Metal 6


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yeetem (unregistered) [13:51 Dec 6th, 2019]

sub to pewdipie

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sn141201 (unregistered) [13:02 May 4th, 2018]


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vatex (unregistered) [08:48 Nov 23rd, 2017]


aceadoodle [20:13 Oct 20th, 2017]

so i started playing about 2 weeks ago and as a student driver it seems really relistic with overpower skids and such but you should add more maps 🙂

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oh fuck me daddy (unregistered) [20:41 Oct 25th, 2017]

wow just wow

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sex (unregistered) [01:43 Sep 17th, 2017]

game yours truly mum

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lel (unregistered) [09:43 Apr 3rd, 2017]


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sex (unregistered) [14:42 Dec 5th, 2016]


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aycan iyem (unregistered) [01:40 Dec 13th, 2015]

süpper bee çok güzel tavsiye ederim

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@= @= @= @= @= @= (unregistered) [05:30 Aug 13th, 2016]

😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

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Vipersrt270 [15:47 Jun 22nd, 2015]

nice game 🙂


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