Shop Empire 2

Shop Empire 2 online game

Shop Empire 2

• Published Aug 12th, 2012 with 47543 plays

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Your task is to create a network of shopping centers in different countries. You will have to start from scratch - buildings, shops, parking. Your goal is to create the largest and best shopping center in the country.

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SkibidiToilet (unregistered) [14:19 Jul 12th, 2024]

I like this game

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Thankyou (unregistered) [11:41 Apr 27th, 2024]

Thank you for making this game working again my favorite childhood game

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Help (unregistered) [10:29 Mar 1st, 2024]

The game is working fine on my side and the controls only works with mouse and no keyboard. It's all fun and games until I reach the russia level. For some reason, I can't procced onto the next country. The statsboard becomes unreadable for some reason and I unable to achieve the objectives thus unable to proceeed. And the timer or clock is stuck at day 31 but the day and night cycle is still going. Is there a way to fix it?

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ACADACA (unregistered) [18:50 Dec 14th, 2023]

cant get keyboard/wasd controls to work (mac user)

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cptfoxy (unregistered) [22:15 Jun 3rd, 2024]

the the grab option

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eramz (unregistered) [12:43 Dec 14th, 2022]

play menu only flashes, making it impossible to enter the actual game

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Socio (unregistered) [20:05 Oct 21st, 2022]

ya'll should probably fix this, it keeps flashing the starting screen

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cactus (unregistered) [23:40 Sep 11th, 2022]

the game wont start😪 the people just standing there whyyyy

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murtzz [16:43 May 21st, 2021]

please fix the flashing grey screen so i can play this

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Skygems33 (unregistered) [00:38 Apr 4th, 2021]

The game keeps flashing to gray like if it being opened again and again, so I think that is a bug that y'all may want to look into.

I hope to play this game again when this bug can be fixed.

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sebastion18 [14:28 May 17th, 2016]

good game


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