Truck Loader

Truck Loader online game

Truck Loader

• Published Nov 6th, 2010 with 11422 plays

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mouse, movement - W, A, S, D

Truck Loader stands as a timeless puzzle challenge, demanding players to adeptly maneuver a forklift in loading cargo onto a truck. Across various levels, scattered boxes await collection, necessitating their strategic arrangement onto the truck bed for level completion. While initial stages offer simplicity, involving basic box collection, the game progressively intensifies. Advanced levels present intricate challenges, demanding players to employ special maneuvers or follow specific sequences to crack the puzzles and successfully conclude each level.

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Truck Loader 4 online game

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Truck Loader 4

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rhys (unregistered) [13:39 Aug 14th, 2023]

YES!! it works

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rhys (unregistered) [06:15 Sep 30th, 2023]

good game

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