Vex 3 Xmas

Vex 3 Xmas online game

Vex 3 Xmas

• Published Nov 21st, 2023 with 2196 plays

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Embrace the merriment of the season with Vex 3 Xmas, a platformer that seamlessly blends the exhilarating gameplay of the Vex series with the enchanting charm of a winter wonderland. Navigate through festive levels adorned with Christmas decorations, conquer treacherous obstacles, and experience the thrill of platforming perfection. Whether you're a seasoned Vex veteran or a newcomer seeking a delightful seasonal adventure, Vex 3 Xmas promises an unforgettable gaming experience brimming with holiday cheer and challenging platforming goodness.

So, grab your controller, embrace the spirit of the season, and prepare for an exhilarating journey through a winter wonderland rendered in the signature style of Vex.


  • Festive winter setting
  • Classic Vex platforming
  • Engaging adventure
  • Holiday cheer and challenges

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LarryKoopa (unregistered) [12:31 Nov 22nd, 2023]

mabey you dont like it but i do


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