Vex 3

Vex 3 online game

Vex 3

• Published Jul 31st, 2014 with 14865 plays

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Arrow keys = move

Take on the role of the black doll and flee steadily forward. You did not stop. Leap over the abyss, Run through unstable objects and coasts to the end of the game. It all try to get done for the best time, so good luck.

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Vex online game

90% 20.4k plays


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ryan (unregistered) [10:30 Apr 27th, 2024]

Is Game (in my opinion) Is The Best Vex Game.

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Mariofan999 (unregistered) [12:02 Feb 2nd, 2024]

A Fun Chill game😎

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Rhys (unregistered) [08:41 Feb 1st, 2024]

so much nostoligia tho

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ty_is_a_sweat (unregistered) [15:03 Jan 18th, 2024]

Qwertyu1op is a GOD

The player has no avatar
rhys (unregistered) [12:59 Nov 22nd, 2023]

Hey we got a new vex 3 christmas game

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vex (unregistered) [10:11 Nov 9th, 2023]

last level is way too hard

The player has no avatar
123 (unregistered) [14:59 Oct 26th, 2023]

how is this game so good they should make more vexes

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Qwertyu1op (unregistered) [10:02 Sep 9th, 2023]

Fun Fact: in Act 8 there is a big gap when you crossed the first circut. where up in the gap is a cannon where you can complete the act, and you can actually wall jump (the timing is preaty tight so you need some practice) up into the cannon and complete the act. So i got 7 SECONDS on Act 8

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idk (unregistered) [11:37 May 11th, 2023]

the box is to hard on stage 2

The player has no avatar
coco (unregistered) [21:39 Aug 14th, 2021]

way to hard😔

The player has no avatar
idk (unregistered) [11:37 May 11th, 2023]

fr fr

The player has no avatar
EDDIE (unregistered) [12:11 Oct 25th, 2020]


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FuzzyLife (unregistered) [17:34 Aug 1st, 2016]



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