Merge Arena Gameplay

Merge Arena Gameplay

Merge Arena Gameplay


• Published Oct 21st, 2023 with 30 views
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Merge Arena online game

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Merge Arena

Merge Arena is a 3D tower defense game about defending your territory from various different types of enemies while constantly improving your army. The game works with a merge system that allows identical units to be combined into a single, stronger unit. Merge your units and improve them so they can attack the evil monsters coming to attack your lovely kingdom! The yellow button below will start a new fight. Before every fight, make sure you expand the available units and slots using the two buttons on the bottom-right. Call help from mages, archers, and gigantic knights! Battles will earn you experience and gold, but your treasury will also generate some money on its own. Spend your earnings carefully to enhance your strength and protect all of your citizens from harm. You can also use the keys you've earned to have multiplayer matches against real players! Share Merge Arena with your friends and find out who can build the strongest fort and hold it for the longest time!
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