Adam and Eve 5 Part 1

Adam and Eve 5 Part 1 online game

Adam and Eve 5 Part 1

• Published Dec 14th, 2018 with 4033 views


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  • Mouse interaction

Here we have yet another installment into this well known game series of Adam and Eve. At the beginning of the game, you learn that Adam and Eve went their separate ways. Your objective will be to help Adam find his love. There will be a ton of logical obstacles that will try to hinder your progress. If you’ll think for a bit about them, you’ll be sure to succeed. So, good luck!

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Unknown Hacker (unregistered) [11:17 Jan 28th, 2019]

i changed script and now ads will not come for me

Marty [09:16 May 13th, 2019]

what a hacker 😀 😀

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [17:30 Dec 14th, 2018]
  • Adam and Eve 5 Part 1 is a cute and harmless game that is great for keeping a young hatching occupied for the time being. The only thing you will need is your noggin, a computer, and a mouse/trackpad.
  • For older users this game would be repetitive and childish the instant they play it.
  • While the ads have been innocent, they pop up after every few levels and without warning, and thus I accidentally click on a toothpaste ad, fun.
  • The graphics are a little too colorful for me, but then again I am a picky player so it may just be me.

Overall the game is good for any hatchling's who are playing their first online computer game.
For older, players, this would be a waste of your time unless you like point and click games. Aside from that there is nothing overly special here.

Marty [02:56 Dec 15th, 2018]

Yeah,ads is annoying, but we can't change that, it is developers choice

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [17:16 Dec 15th, 2018]

Yep, I have been a victim of ads elsewhere, pain in the rear. But hey, it pays someones bills.

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