Daring Heist

Daring Heist online game

Daring Heist

• Published Sep 29th, 2023 with 5200 plays

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • F interaction
  • R reload
  • 1 || 2 change weapons
  • CTRL crouch
Daring Heist is an action-packed gaming experience that thrusts you into the heart of high-stakes heists. Prepare to immerse yourself in a thrilling and perilous world as you strategize and execute jaw-dropping robberies. Are you up for the challenge of outsmarting vigilant security personnel with an arsenal of diverse weaponry?

Embark on pulse-pounding encounters within intricately designed 3D settings, rife with hidden corners and derelict structures. Showcase your cunning thieving prowess as you aspire to claim the title of history's most renowned robber.

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bootyburgler (unregistered) [15:33 Nov 7th, 2023]

level 97

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P-13 (unregistered) [06:01 Oct 31st, 2023]


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P-13 (unregistered) [05:49 Oct 31st, 2023]

Yes my brotha this is awesome

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P-13 (unregistered) [05:48 Oct 31st, 2023]

also you could add more guns, like guns that aren't just clones of eachother with different gun models.

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R_anger (unregistered) [05:32 Oct 31st, 2023]

This game is good but i think it could be better, maybe more maps? maybe more types other then just banks

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GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (unregistered) [03:34 Oct 4th, 2023]


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bootyburgler (unregistered) [15:05 Oct 1st, 2023]

good game tbh


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