Dino Hunter: Killing Strand

Dino Hunter: Killing Strand online game

Dino Hunter: Killing Strand

• Published Jun 26th, 2020 with 21323 plays

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  • W
    A S D
  • Mouse shooting
  • Shift sprint
  • Spacebar jump
  • F use item
  • R reload
  • G grenade
  • C change camera
  • V melee attack
  • T bullet time
  • Esc menu

Dino Hunter: Killing Strand is an action online game where you’ll be thrown into a merciless fight between dinosaurs and humans. In total, there will be 3 worlds at your disposal and each of these will contain 10 levels, so it will take you some time to get through all of those. You will be unlocking these as you progress, so you need to start from the first one. You can expect dinosaurs of many different variants, together with snakes and other monsters. Be always on guard, since you never know what’s coming to take your life. Good luck!

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sup (unregistered) [09:57 Jul 2nd, 2020]

big booty 😍😍

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Ditrayer_45 (unregistered) [23:42 Jun 28th, 2020]

i think i want to play this GAME !!!!!!!!😎😎😜

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NICKO (unregistered) [18:15 Jun 26th, 2020]



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