Rally Point 6

Rally Point 6 online game

Rally Point 6

• Published Nov 27th, 2018 with 74017 plays
• Developer: Xform Games

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  • Up
    Left Down Right
  • Shift handbrake
  • Spacebar nitro
  • Esc menu
  • R reset
This is the sixth installment in this great Rally Point series, where you’ll yet again be racing in racing cars. The game offers you many different tracks that are divided into three categories – forest, city and snowy. In each category you can choose one map and unlock two more later on. Cars work the same way. You will also have to unlock them as you get further into the game. Since this is a rally game, your objective is to have the best time out of all of the other players. Try to avoid all of the incoming obstacles! Good luck.

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Rally Point online game

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Rally Point

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Gita (unregistered) [09:41 Apr 8th, 2024]

I love 😘

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zander (unregistered) [14:53 Sep 7th, 2022]

i love it

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Critcicalgamer (unregistered) [11:11 Jul 27th, 2022]

Could you edit hitboxes? plus more tracks maybe. plus maybe can we see the different tiers of cars, when you get them you don't see their skill, so you have to figure it out yourself. and maybe can we get a currency to upgrade and unlock cares, the game is boring, as soon as you finish, you do something else. then come back 3 months later to break your pb.

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NUL GERMAIN (unregistered) [18:50 Jun 28th, 2021]


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bruh (unregistered) [07:47 May 2nd, 2021]

aint bad😉

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Dripy (unregistered) [14:32 Sep 16th, 2020]

good game never glitches!!!

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Wolf girl (unregistered) [16:23 Sep 3rd, 2019]

nice im a pro

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coolrg (unregistered) [01:03 Jul 12th, 2019]

I love it but it lags

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iyan (unregistered) [23:50 May 31st, 2019]

add poin pls 1000000 pls 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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zssd (unregistered) [11:02 Apr 26th, 2019]

🙂 😀 😛 copolll

The player has no avatar
09654875171 (unregistered) [21:38 Jan 12th, 2019]


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mir950 (unregistered) [09:56 Nov 30th, 2018]

pls add a cool car with 1000 or free 🙂

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Wolf girl (unregistered) [16:21 Sep 3rd, 2019]


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