Red Beard

Red Beard online game

Red Beard

• Published Dec 3rd, 2000 with 72819 plays

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movement: left or right arrow key, jump - the space bar

Red Beard is an original game, where in each level you have to get to the end where you will find an object that will move you to the next level. Along the way you collect balls in the correct order.

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Martin (unregistered) [04:40 Nov 20th, 2022]

Oh, i remember this game, guys!
I started this in about 2007-2008, i often played this on a Mom's work (which was a local University), i had an empty cabinet, full of old pentium 3 PCs, there were about 12-16 machines, and i was not allowed to use them, but hey, who cares about smth while you are a little 10yr kid?!
I did everything very carefully, i was in a fear of broke something.
Sometimes high schoolers saw me in this cabinet, sometimes not.
At someday - they bring cool games from, it was something about hip-hop debate, punch your boss etc, like you know them.
An evening, while no one can disturb me, only me, a weak internet connection, weak pc and internet explorer 8.0 as a defaul browser.
so much memories from that time...
Also, i've managed to bring my friend into this heaven, that was tough task, we got busted, but after a little talk - we were released, and a little then - a permission to be in a cabinet, BUT - with no harms from us.
Also we got busted for installing GTA 3\VC and CS 1.6 on all PC's, but - high schoolers did that waaay before us XD.

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anonymous (unregistered) [12:47 Mar 25th, 2021]

Brings back so much memories playing this during class in the computer lab in Middle School! haha

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hunter1ashplayz (unregistered) [10:12 Mar 18th, 2021]

love it!

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yeet (unregistered) [16:56 Dec 28th, 2020]

u can jump it is the spas dar

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Aasiammioq (unregistered) [12:12 Feb 3rd, 2020]

Ahaaha halaarj😀

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peter smillie (unregistered) [05:03 Jan 7th, 2019]

why the hell can't i jump 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [10:26 Jan 7th, 2019]

You press the space bar to jump; This must be a problem on your end because everything is working for me.

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