Red Crucible: Reloaded

Red Crucible: Reloaded online game

Red Crucible: Reloaded

• Published Sep 30th, 2015 with 292160 views


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mouse, WASD = movement, space bar = jump, E = enter the vehicle, Shift = sprint, 1-3 = change weapon, R = recharge, C = get down, M = menu, I = inventary

Red Crucible: Reloaded is another interesting 3D shooter. It is an upgraded version of Red Crucible 2. This is why there will be similar maps and the overall style will be also almost the same. There are various servers with various kinds of games. You can either play without any vehicles or you can control a tank or a helicopter. It is just up to you. There will be modes like team deathmatch, playing terrorists and others. For the coins you win you will be able to buy new weapons and other items that will come in handy when fighting your enemies.

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Red Crucible 3 Firestorm online game

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Red Crucible 3 Firestorm


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elhamuddin (unregistered) [03:24 May 28th, 2020]

pretty good game

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zadx (unregistered) [20:52 May 20th, 2020]

I want to play red crucible

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Review of games (unregistered) [12:05 Oct 6th, 2019]

This game will require download as its not compatible with Unity WebGL anymore and Unity 3D which is no longer supported as also this game has not recieved anything new or updates so it may be discontinued

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old player (unregistered) [03:20 Jan 8th, 2019]

any other games like it? 🙁

Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [10:48 Jan 8th, 2019]

Well. if you go to the left hand corner and then move your cursor to the "action" category you should be able to choose a genre for what your looking for.

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sasa (unregistered) [14:02 Nov 6th, 2018]


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blakechamp (unregistered) [02:21 Nov 5th, 2018]

hope this is good

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DOWNLOAD? (unregistered) [16:28 Nov 4th, 2018]


Marty [10:51 Nov 5th, 2018]

it is not anymore

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DamJamGaming (unregistered) [09:34 Jan 27th, 2018]

sigh... i remember playing this game since when i was 7 years old, it was so fun, i couldn't stop playing it, i kept camping with a sniper while watching other players rage at me in the chat haha... now i'm 13 and this game is now....dead, RIP childhood game, Thank You/

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Caiden (unregistered) [03:52 May 22nd, 2019]

i Played it at 6 as a Pro then My Computer (well my mums but i used it more) Broke ;( I then i just found it WhooHoo

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(!)-(ShawdowDeath)-(!) (unregistered) [13:15 Dec 17th, 2017]

This Game Is Cool 🙂

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cantdownloadgamesffskillme (unregistered) [06:55 Jun 24th, 2017]

i thought this was a broswer game 🙁

Marty [16:42 Jun 24th, 2017]

it was 🙁

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*unoriginal meme* (unregistered) [10:06 Sep 28th, 2017]

RIP one of the greatest FPS games ever ._.

A moment of silence please

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GFDFG (unregistered) [17:39 Jun 9th, 2017]


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AmericanHitler (unregistered) [19:41 May 3rd, 2017]

Oi this game sucks

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HitIer (unregistered) [22:31 Apr 16th, 2017]

What's the use of gun when all the player drive tank or whatever

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ProGamer (unregistered) [23:45 Apr 14th, 2017]

I am a pro at games and I like them 😈

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lol (unregistered) [08:37 Apr 14th, 2017]



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