The Resistance Fighters

The Resistance Fighters online game

The Resistance Fighters

• Published Nov 7th, 2023 with 2337 plays
• Developer: Hammer Games Studio

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • Shift run
  • C crouch
  • E step up
  • R reload
  • Q roll
  • P pause
The story of the game is about a young man who defends his country against enemies' invasion.

Isa is a young man who was born in America. His parents are Palestinian Christians who immigrated to America. One day Isa sees on TV that the Israelis have attacked Palestine again. But something catches his attention. The pictures are of their ancestral village. Isa's grandfather and some of their relatives still live there. Isa, who is impatient, decides to go to Palestine. He buys a plane ticket at the first opportunity and goes to Jordan and enters Palestine through there.


  • Intense and exciting shooter gameplay
  • Beautiful environment
  • Entertaining and simple story
  • Good graphics

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yo_mama (unregistered) [18:14 Feb 20th, 2024]

and add more guns and more blood

The player has no avatar
yo_mama (unregistered) [18:14 Feb 20th, 2024]

i dont like it because how all the bad guys fall in the same pose

JasperO [21:58 Jan 18th, 2024]

how do i get guns bruh

The player has no avatar
Ruggero (unregistered) [01:13 Dec 23rd, 2023]

This game is cool.

The player has no avatar
KTa (unregistered) [10:42 Dec 18th, 2023]

No conection to the reality. Uses antisemetic stereotypes.

The player has no avatar
Hgg (unregistered) [13:52 Dec 5th, 2023]

i hate the juice

The player has no avatar
VIOLET (unregistered) [22:23 Nov 16th, 2023]

i love it

The player has no avatar
Olivia (unregistered) [02:49 Nov 13th, 2023]

I love this game.

The player has no avatar
user (unregistered) [23:35 Nov 12th, 2023]

bad stereotypes

The player has no avatar
myname (unregistered) [04:24 Nov 10th, 2023]

It's fun.

The player has no avatar
Will (unregistered) [16:05 Nov 9th, 2023]

Cool, but you should add more guns.

The player has no avatar
12tig (unregistered) [21:14 Nov 8th, 2023]

Quite the political game. It gives quite a bad stereotype of Israelis. Not sure I like this.

The player has no avatar
CombodianGamer (unregistered) [10:10 Nov 8th, 2023]

Amazing. Last level is a blast.

The player has no avatar
yyy (unregistered) [06:12 Nov 8th, 2023]

bro wth is this game, also make new guns
im tired of the m16


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