Virtual Families Cook Off

Virtual Families Cook Off online game

Virtual Families Cook Off

• Published Nov 17th, 2020 with 4621 plays

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  • Mouse interaction

Lucky Life is yet another brutal game from Short Life, where you will have a similar objective. The goal of the game is to finish each of the levels alive. It won’t be as easy as it might sound now. On your way to the finish line, there will be a lot of demanding obstacles, such as bombs and saws that will be able to send you all the way back to the beginning of the level. While completing the levels, be sure to complete the side-objectives as well, such as collecting stars, trying to finish within a certain time frame and also avoiding specific items. The game can also be played on a phone, so be sure to try it out!

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tia rich (unregistered) [16:46 Feb 26th, 2021]

i love it

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amylee (unregistered) [15:13 Mar 26th, 2021]

im with you tia

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poki (unregistered) [09:07 Jan 31st, 2021]

i hate it😡

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ha to set (unregistered) [12:39 Nov 23rd, 2020]

Why is all of this in kOrEaN??😤

The player has no avatar
kaycee (unregistered) [04:31 Nov 23rd, 2020]


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jams (unregistered) [15:39 Nov 26th, 2020]

i love ti to

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