Doom - The Roguelike

Doom - The Roguelike online game

Doom - The Roguelike

• Published Jan 1st, 2015 with 4245 plays
• Year of release: 2005

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This game combines features from two games – Rogue and DOOM. You will be a soldier and your base will be attacked. You will have to get out of this hell. The first versions of this game were text-only. This specific game resembles Rogue because it is a dungeon crawler. You will find various weapons and the better you get the faster you will reload and shoot the more accurately. Some characteristics will be known to Rogue players and some will seem familiar to fans of DOOM. This freeware game was written in FreePascal.

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Mjmacka (unregistered) [19:30 Dec 25th, 2023]

This game is amazing, you can do so much with what they gave you. The class system is really cool, each "class" has a unique master trait, and you can use it to kill baddies. Unfortunately, the shotgun knockback mechanic is broken. I'm sad that ID sued to get the development stopped. The spiritual successor to it is Jupiter Hell.

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masterofweapons (unregistered) [20:08 Aug 20th, 2023]

this game was kinda fun


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