Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D online game

Airport Clash 3D

• Published Oct 1st, 2019 with 21749 plays
• Developer: Freeway Interactive

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • C crouch
  • Tab score

Airport Clash 3D is yet another action game from the creators of Sniper Clash and Farmer Clash 3D. You can enjoy the great multiplayer fights where you will be getting rid of enemies on the server. There will be a sniper with a gigantic Gatling gun. Try to collect stars while playing, since these can be used to upgrade your weapon. If you manage to win 100 games, you will earn a special golden skin, so be sure to try hard. Try to get to the top of the score board table. you can also play the game on your phone, so come try it out!

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thinknoodles (unregistered) [10:29 Feb 27th, 2021]

i mean not bad but make it harder

Titus Howard
Titus Howard [13:40 Dec 29th, 2020]

not gunna lie all players are noobs in this game I win every round I'm a god

funny picture

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jimmiwantataco (unregistered) [15:09 Dec 30th, 2020]

me to bro

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[Strike] Yt (unregistered) [20:18 Jan 3rd, 2021]

its not because of you being a god its because almost all of your teammates and rivals are all bots,if all your teammates and rivals were real player,then it will be hard to win just so that you can know.....

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MYTHPAT (unregistered) [04:53 Dec 12th, 2020]


Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez [14:16 Apr 18th, 2020]

this game good

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manas gupta (unregistered) [09:08 Apr 6th, 2020]

😃😃😃😃😄😄like this game

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Meme,e (unregistered) [13:23 Oct 29th, 2019]

Can you crouch whit the ipad if so how

The player has no avatar
Jacob brooke dad (unregistered) [04:45 Oct 20th, 2019]

Hi I hat your game

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lol i am the first one here (unregistered) [13:50 Oct 3rd, 2019]

lol ui am the first one here


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