Farm Clash 3D

Farm Clash 3D online game

Farm Clash 3D

• Published Jan 19th, 2019 with 44874 plays
• Developer: Freeway Interactive

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • C crouch
  • Tab score
Farm Clash 3D is a simple 3D shooter where you’ll be fighting against many different types of enemies on a farm. It’s a multiplayer game, where you won’t be fighting alone, but rather in a team. Try to cooperate with everyone, so that you’ll survive and kill all of your opponents. The points you earn can then be used to improve your health or your weapons. Try to place as high on the scoreboards as possible. The game offers you pretty graphics in 3rd person mode. Enjoy!

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El Pro (unregistered) [15:50 Dec 7th, 2020]

Ok My name is Zero,Get ready to lose

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El Pro (unregistered) [18:23 Nov 28th, 2020]

You guys are such noobs

The player has no avatar
Master (unregistered) [15:43 Dec 7th, 2020]

Bet ur spammer

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El Pro (unregistered) [22:02 Oct 27th, 2020]

Sup,i been wondering but is farm clash 3d a game where you are playing with bots,i mean,is all my team bots cuz they **** so idk?

Liam Zeppelin Conda
Liam Zeppelin Conda [13:42 Oct 12th, 2020]

barn jarn- blood everywhere

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Wolverine (unregistered) [22:05 Oct 27th, 2020]

😄who wants to 1v1 vs me,im maxed out and have golden weapons and im lvl 40😝,So then who is the brave person that wants to go against me,Whoever volunteers,...........ur cool if not..........such scaredy cats!xd!

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Destroyer 200 (unregistered) [04:19 May 27th, 2019]

Ok. But hard to fire bullets 😮

The player has no avatar
jenzero (unregistered) [23:22 Jun 16th, 2019]

ok men

The player has no avatar
El Pro (unregistered) [22:34 Oct 31st, 2020]

k and

The player has no avatar
Ramil (unregistered) [09:05 May 10th, 2019]

siraew 😊

The player has no avatar
HJK (unregistered) [05:54 Mar 9th, 2019]

:-د 😊 : | ؛) ؛) JHL


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