Subway Clash 2

Subway Clash 2 online game

Subway Clash 2

• Published Apr 21st, 2021 with 4076 plays
• Developer: Freeway Interactive

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • C crouch
  • G grenade
  • Tab score
  • L mouse lock
  • 1 || 4 change weapon

Adventure and pure, raw action come hand in hand in this new game, the second chapter of a well known saga that’s taking place in Russia where a war is raging on where you can make us of bullets, grenades, bombs and many others. The game is called Subway Clash 2 and you’ll love it. Load up and face the whole of Russian army, you can’t hide from them, so the only way to win is to face them head on. You can also call your friends, so good luck!

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Jayxhitman (unregistered) [08:43 May 4th, 2021]

i wish you can change the controls then i would love this game

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Alan (unregistered) [12:59 May 5th, 2021]


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Mod_Man_OG [09:30 May 3rd, 2021]

ngl dis game is actually one of the better games on gameflare bc u can tell the devs put effort and time into this game not like others that just make some crappy physics and copy other peoples work.

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i am on (unregistered) [20:44 May 2nd, 2021]

wud you lik to play wifme on a gam

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jcmullins (unregistered) [14:31 Apr 26th, 2021]

i love it😀


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