Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway online game

Hotel Hideaway

• Published Sep 2nd, 2020 with 37455 plays

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  • Mouse interaction

Hotel Hideaway is an interesting social game where you find yourself in a small world full of many different possibilities. You find yourself in a hotel where you can meet a ton of people and make new friends. Your character can be upgraded and you can buy it new clothes and accessories. You can improve your rooms as well. The game is mainly about exploring, so be sure to do a lot of that! You will be able to buy many different thingies to put inside of your room and impress your new found friends. Come on, try the game out!

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(_DEADCATSIS_) [18:09 Sep 3rd, 2020]

i meet this nice guy up here

(_DEADCATSIS_) [18:52 Sep 3rd, 2020]


(_DEADCATSIS_) [13:09 Sep 3rd, 2020]


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jail (unregistered) [03:24 Sep 24th, 2020]

😷😨corona virus

The player has no avatar
jail (unregistered) [03:26 Sep 24th, 2020]

ah av 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😎😤😡🔉🔈

(_DEADCATSIS_) [08:21 Sep 3rd, 2020]

Who ever disliked it i will track down

(_DEADCATSIS_) [08:21 Sep 3rd, 2020]

LOVE IT I CAN BE ME😜 without being ignored

(_DEADCATSIS_) [19:12 Sep 2nd, 2020]


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???frahhijok,sqwfdgb (unregistered) [16:21 Sep 2nd, 2020]

my dog walked on my keybord and named me

(_DEADCATSIS_) [17:17 Sep 2nd, 2020]

cool i have a dog 2

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Awesome girl (unregistered) [10:55 Sep 3rd, 2020]

Cool its like

(_DEADCATSIS_) [13:04 Sep 3rd, 2020]

yea kinda

(_DEADCATSIS_) [18:33 Sep 4th, 2020]

do u like it

The player has no avatar
jdcljkrjf (unregistered) [09:31 Sep 2nd, 2020]

its good child

(_DEADCATSIS_) [07:17 Sep 3rd, 2020]

it is indeed

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