Mini Colony

Mini Colony online game

Mini Colony

• Published Jul 1st, 2022 with 19477 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
  • Scroll wheel zoom
  • W
    A S D
  • Q || E rotate camera
Mini Colony is yet another online game from the series, this time you’ll be building up your own small colony. You find yourself on arid islands, so survival won’t be that easy. Right at the beginning you will get 3 workers helping you out (they can chop wood for instance). Thanks to them, you will be able to enlarge your colony and buy new tools. The wood itself won’t be enough and you’ll have to find other resources that will allow you to thrive. Food is also very important, so be sure to quickly set up a farm and care for your animals. There’s a ton of options, so don’t worry about getting bored.


  • crafting system
  • day / night cycle
  • farming
  • gathering tools
  • building constructions

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badacafena (unregistered) [16:48 Mar 29th, 2024]

add tutorial

The player has no avatar
cat (unregistered) [04:24 Mar 29th, 2024]

but still thanks for trying

The player has no avatar
cat (unregistered) [10:00 Jan 21st, 2024]

But still thanks for trying 😄

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cat (unregistered) [09:59 Jan 21st, 2024]

Mines don't lag or glitch but the game is boring😒😒😒

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James1 (unregistered) [20:49 Dec 27th, 2023]

So, I was going to review this game - as I usually do with other games - But it would not even load. Before the game even began, I was having serious issues with the framerate, to the point it made scrolling look like a slideshow. I have read the other responses to this game, mostly saying that its either low quality, ugly, laggy, and generally bad. As it seems, even if I managed to actually load this game, it looks like people really don't like this game. Which is odd, due to its high rating of 73% - A very high percentage looking at other games. It also has a low dislike number, and a high like number. This game even has 11 likes, which is surprising. That concludes my short review, this game having very mixed ratings. But otherwise, I can't really rate this game, but collecting responses and reviews, this seems like a strong 3. Thank you for reading this review, I hope it helped. Bye!

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Gurnoor (unregistered) [19:56 Dec 27th, 2023]


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shawty (unregistered) [18:52 Dec 21st, 2023]

its soo laggy

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Dandandan (unregistered) [20:22 Jun 18th, 2023]

not the best game tbh kinda hard to move the mouse around. the colonizers move too slowly

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Lily (unregistered) [02:32 Jun 11th, 2023]

Nice games

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cac (unregistered) [19:56 Apr 4th, 2023]

ven acy

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Bcm (unregistered) [14:11 Apr 2nd, 2023]

heavily based on age of empires, cool that you achieved it for the fact that game dev is no simple 1+1 task

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GrenoZee [08:27 Mar 13th, 2023]

Nice little game, delivers the expectations.
As others though I can't start it - on Firefox Mac it never loads up. Does on Firefox windows though

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aaa (unregistered) [10:12 Mar 11th, 2023]

Once workers slept, they won't wake up.

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tukatotallol (unregistered) [18:21 Apr 6th, 2023]

uuh what

The player has no avatar
ymk (unregistered) [06:37 Mar 3rd, 2023]

soo long time

The player has no avatar
sophia (unregistered) [11:03 Feb 23rd, 2023]

This gamee 0/100000000000000000000000000


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