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RollerCoaster creator online game

RollerCoaster creator

• Published Apr 19th, 2008 with 26482 plays

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using the mouse

You are in the role of a roller coaster builder. You have to build the tracks in such a way that you get all the points and finish the entire track in good health. You can use different types of tracks for construction, for example, there are those that take visitors up. Try to make the track safe for visitors so no one gets hurt. That would mean the end for you and you would have to start the level from the beginning. There are a lot of levels available, so let's do it!

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Rollercoaster Creator 2 online game

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Rollercoaster Creator 2


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wormishereIthink (unregistered) [12:24 May 16th, 2024]

this game made me sad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Person (unregistered) [18:28 Oct 11th, 2023]

arnt games supposed to be fun

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him (unregistered) [13:36 Oct 10th, 2023]


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Pimpshrimp (unregistered) [12:14 Oct 11th, 2021]

was guud wit it class

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nice boat kotonoha (unregistered) [12:57 Mar 8th, 2021]

Level 7 is impossible for me, but the game is fun

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Dev (unregistered) [16:23 Oct 6th, 2020]

hey what number in kenneys class are ya

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usus (unregistered) [11:20 Oct 7th, 2020]

1st hr lol

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ihavenothingtodo (unregistered) [11:42 Oct 6th, 2020]

This game changed my life, that is not a good thing.

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pickle (unregistered) [11:41 Oct 6th, 2020]

i dont see how anyone enjoys this

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BitterBoy (unregistered) [11:37 Oct 6th, 2020]

aren't games supposed to be fun?

The player has no avatar
only-says-yo (unregistered) [13:23 Oct 17th, 2018]


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ojfvgvyj (unregistered) [11:41 Oct 17th, 2018]

yikes 🙁


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