Super Brawl 3


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Super Brawl 3 online game

Super Brawl 3

• Published Apr 30th, 2013 with 17016 plays

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movement - arrow keys, kicking- X, attack - Z, attack of a fan - C

In this cool fighting game you will play with various characters from fairy tales. There are various kinds of game, for example: a story, a single fight, training or you can play against players from around the world. Just click on multiplayer and play as a guest.

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Super Brawl 4: Hero online game

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Super Brawl 4: Hero


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Minimum number of characters: 3

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yumohugo [15:25 Sep 28th, 2014]

the controls on this game are a bit stiff anyway i won a few battels using breadwnners each charecter have difrent.

yumohugo [13:56 Sep 23rd, 2014]

waisting time creating a acount for multiplayer and not letting me playok game.

Asnawi321 [05:10 Mar 24th, 2014]

-P 😛

yumohugo [14:10 Sep 23rd, 2014]

what does p mean?

Asnawi321 [05:10 Mar 24th, 2014]

this game i like ok,siatot 😛

The player has no avatar
lilcame [20:53 May 14th, 2013]

hey ppl


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