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The Goodgame studio is here with another great game. Go through the tutorial and learn everything about the game. The game has fights in real time son you will be able to change your strategy during the fight and protect your base as well as you can. The players can form alliances in which they help each other and destroy their enemies. So start playing and rule the galaxy with us ! 🙂

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Clightning (unregistered) [08:14 Oct 17th, 2019]

yes, this is not working it seems all i see is a blank black screen

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Anku panki (unregistered) [13:19 May 1st, 2019]


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mirel75 (unregistered) [13:02 Feb 19th, 2018]

Best game

menaelgentle [10:58 Jan 28th, 2018]

the game are not loading -_- 😑

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TheNerdMafia [23:49 Jun 19th, 2017]

wont let me play rated 1 star 😛

sas12 [16:21 Nov 30th, 2014] 🙂 😀 😈 😊 😮 😛 🙁 😑 go go go go go

sas12 [16:19 Nov 30th, 2014]

hola 🙂

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leopold [04:38 Dec 8th, 2013]

chez moi sa buy


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