Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online online game

Monopoly Online

• Published Apr 28th, 2016 with 1186472 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
Monopoly, a delightful browser game inspired by its classic board counterpart, offers an engaging experience to players. Guided by the roll of dice, participants traverse the virtual board, strategically purchasing properties to build their economic empire. By renting out these acquired assets to fellow players, they generate income whenever someone lands on their holdings. The ultimate objective is to skillfully outmaneuver and financially overwhelm all opponents, successfully driving them to bankruptcy. As the game unfolds, players delve into a captivating world of buying houses, acquiring lands, and relishing the growth of their property empire.

Despite contending with only three computer-controlled adversaries, Monopoly Online maintains its allure, providing an exciting and entertaining escapade. Moreover, mastering this digital rendition could serve as excellent practice for future challenges against real-life friends, promising endless hours of fun and learning.

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pawpaw (unregistered) [09:44 Jun 25th, 2024]

i dont believe it! this computer in this game cheats!!! the coding is done in such a way that a person can never win. One of the computer player no matter which position he is in is bound tot win. The other two are just dummies. The one intended to win always win cash, he will never trade though will accept you to trade and he will hardly land on your propeties!

This is not the way you play a game dude!

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bxcon (unregistered) [11:59 Jul 3rd, 2024]

incorrect, i beat the computer with him going bankrupt with -1200

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TheOwlKing (unregistered) [14:17 Jul 6th, 2024]


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aap (unregistered) [06:46 Jun 24th, 2024]

another issue, one last player ends up ends up rolling the dice 10-12 times! either there is something wrong with the coding or the computer is cheating

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aap (unregistered) [04:21 Jun 24th, 2024]

The system is biased to whoever plays at no. 2

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poopoo21 (unregistered) [17:01 Jun 23rd, 2024]

my game paused it just stopped

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poopoo2 (unregistered) [13:56 Jun 23rd, 2024]

this game gives you horribly bad luck

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Gunnar (unregistered) [17:07 Jun 22nd, 2024]

The railway station on top sometimes charges 400$ from comp. opponents when I all 4 stations.
(Then I have to make sweetened deals to keep the game in balance.)

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Gunnar (unregistered) [17:21 Jun 28th, 2024]

Now I recall there was a rule that IF ordered to a Railroad u are actually Charged 2x THE amount!😄

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Kei4Three (unregistered) [10:02 Jun 14th, 2024]

My record is like 8-2 😂😂😂😂 My only two losses is when they tried to get me to pay taxes my first roll I quit

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FVZ (unregistered) [07:09 Jun 13th, 2024]

Ai keeps playing infinite turns so no playable at all. 0 out of 10

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zzz (unregistered) [12:16 May 29th, 2024]

never double tap end turn......or else u can move multiple times skipping the npc😂😂

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Babyweewee (unregistered) [16:27 Jun 15th, 2024]

164826 ERROR
Check for cheats

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2x3 (unregistered) [07:44 May 28th, 2024]

he beated me😍👿💎💍💋👣💭💘👝👠👠💄

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xqc (unregistered) [16:47 May 25th, 2024]

top hat has unlimited turns

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Alahuakbar (unregistered) [16:29 Jun 15th, 2024]


jubalmodineeasley [14:31 May 22nd, 2024]

Why does monopoly keep restarting?

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kdm [15:09 May 21st, 2024]

How do you save your progress?

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NJSteve333 [00:01 May 19th, 2024]

Nice game except that it cheats like crazy with the dice roll and arrangement of cards

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darknight (unregistered) [16:33 May 17th, 2024]

i don't like the fact the ad was much but it was fun


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