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Monopoly Online online game

Monopoly Online

• Published Apr 28th, 2016 with 1182208 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
Monopoly, a delightful browser game inspired by its classic board counterpart, offers an engaging experience to players. Guided by the roll of dice, participants traverse the virtual board, strategically purchasing properties to build their economic empire. By renting out these acquired assets to fellow players, they generate income whenever someone lands on their holdings. The ultimate objective is to skillfully outmaneuver and financially overwhelm all opponents, successfully driving them to bankruptcy. As the game unfolds, players delve into a captivating world of buying houses, acquiring lands, and relishing the growth of their property empire.

Despite contending with only three computer-controlled adversaries, Monopoly Online maintains its allure, providing an exciting and entertaining escapade. Moreover, mastering this digital rendition could serve as excellent practice for future challenges against real-life friends, promising endless hours of fun and learning.

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hello (unregistered) [09:39 Mar 26th, 2024]

bruh this game keeps crashing

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Gooby (unregistered) [07:42 Mar 28th, 2024]


LilDicka [01:16 Mar 20th, 2024]

"Online" its bots

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Real_person (unregistered) [22:05 Mar 23rd, 2024]

no i played you and owned you!

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Real_person (unregistered) [22:05 Mar 23rd, 2024]


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Ela (unregistered) [08:40 Mar 17th, 2024]

It was fun. But I will never play it again 😬

The player has no avatar
Fittan (unregistered) [22:06 Mar 23rd, 2024]

I wont miss you hahahah

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Alex (unregistered) [10:03 Mar 13th, 2024]

This game is so good. But i dont think in real life that play monopoly. 😶

The player has no avatar
Ela (unregistered) [08:41 Mar 17th, 2024]

Ye l agree

The player has no avatar
Mc_johnson (unregistered) [22:07 Mar 23rd, 2024]

o it is accurate actually

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MICHELE (unregistered) [19:14 Mar 9th, 2024]

computer player is not able to build

The player has no avatar
georhg (unregistered) [22:07 Mar 23rd, 2024]

you are wrong

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Machiavelli (unregistered) [17:52 Mar 5th, 2024]

I probably shouldn’t tell you this because it will make it a lot harder for me to win, which I do most of time now, but your computer players need to be improved:
They almost never trade amongst them selves to try to achieve monopolies so if the player can get any monopoly and is the only one who does he or she is bound to win easily.
Moreover, if a computer player is lucky and does get a monopoly it will mortgage everything down to the hilt in order to build houses. But, inevitably it will land on something that takes the rest of its money so it has to sell houses — of course at only half the original purchase price — and after few such episodes it has no houses or unmortgaged property and is very soon out of the game.
I don’t know what’s involved in improving the ai for your computer players but it might be worth it to improve your game.
Oh, and is there any chance you might open up this site so real people can play against one another?

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Viliam (unregistered) [22:09 Mar 23rd, 2024]

i dont think so.😡

The player has no avatar
mota (unregistered) [16:52 Mar 5th, 2024]

nver mine that...

The player has no avatar
mota (unregistered) [16:51 Mar 5th, 2024]

i never play this game but i did seen it on phone

The player has no avatar
mota (unregistered) [22:10 Mar 23rd, 2024]

i take it back it is on computer too

KrisandBear [17:37 Feb 1st, 2024]

How to fox FROZEN GAME ????

The player has no avatar
good_player (unregistered) [22:02 Mar 23rd, 2024]

fix frozen game😎

The player has no avatar
ezfix (unregistered) [22:04 Mar 23rd, 2024]

you have to double click tophat!!!!e😎

The player has no avatar
hiigi (unregistered) [04:10 Jan 26th, 2024]

stupid thyoon ai does not start trade

The player has no avatar
idzey (unregistered) [01:03 Jan 26th, 2024]

it keeps giving me extra goes

The player has no avatar
MarkT (unregistered) [20:23 Feb 29th, 2024]

Yes, there is a bug, what is happening is you are "double or triple" clicking the "End Turn" button - if you double click, it bypasses the next person, if you triple click, it bypasses TWO people.

It's annoying as you can effectively "cheat by accident"

The player has no avatar
Toni (unregistered) [19:45 Mar 11th, 2024]

I couldnt figure out how I was cheating (by accident) now I know.

The player has no avatar
MAKAY (unregistered) [19:51 Jan 25th, 2024]

What are you going to do on the games with the day that is not fair to me and you for

NatalieWest [19:13 Jan 25th, 2024]

Is there a way to save the game and then return back to it later

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Tankepo (unregistered) [18:50 Jan 25th, 2024]

The website keeps crashing. it crashes at any point during the game sometimes at the beginning sometimes far into the game. I have not been able to finish a single game either win or lose because the game crashes before one player wins.😦

The player has no avatar
Natalie (unregistered) [17:44 Jan 25th, 2024]

How do we pause

The player has no avatar
MikiBitsko (unregistered) [22:32 Jan 25th, 2024]

When it is your turn DON'T 'roll the dice'.

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