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Monopoly Online

• Published Apr 28th, 2016 with 1186472 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
Monopoly, a delightful browser game inspired by its classic board counterpart, offers an engaging experience to players. Guided by the roll of dice, participants traverse the virtual board, strategically purchasing properties to build their economic empire. By renting out these acquired assets to fellow players, they generate income whenever someone lands on their holdings. The ultimate objective is to skillfully outmaneuver and financially overwhelm all opponents, successfully driving them to bankruptcy. As the game unfolds, players delve into a captivating world of buying houses, acquiring lands, and relishing the growth of their property empire.

Despite contending with only three computer-controlled adversaries, Monopoly Online maintains its allure, providing an exciting and entertaining escapade. Moreover, mastering this digital rendition could serve as excellent practice for future challenges against real-life friends, promising endless hours of fun and learning.

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Eva (unregistered) [20:57 Jan 24th, 2024]

Really good Monopoly game😊😛😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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jjj (unregistered) [08:47 Mar 2nd, 2024]

i agree

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didzey (unregistered) [21:21 Jan 20th, 2024]

keeps giving me about 8 throws to the computers 1

Wakey618 [11:33 Jan 16th, 2024]

QUESTION: I thought we couldn't buy/trade a property that has a mortgage on it, but I just watched the Shoe do things in this order: (1) Shoe traded $275 to Dog for Pennsylvania Ave. (2) Shoe paid $16 for properties left unmortgaged (3) Shoe unmortgaged Pennsylvania Ave for $176

Maybe I need more caffeine but can anybody help me understand this a little better? TIA

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Machiavelli (unregistered) [16:58 Jan 22nd, 2024]

It is perfectly legal to trade mortgaged properies -- check the rules.

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999 (unregistered) [16:09 Feb 26th, 2024]


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Wakey618 (unregistered) [13:13 Jan 15th, 2024]

Now I know where I stand with real competition. I did ok for a while, but lost. Here I go again 🙂

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Wakey618 (unregistered) [08:30 Jan 15th, 2024]

Now that the bug is fixed and the computer will build on its properties, I am learning some things. First, I had set the computer to be Tycoon (figuring it wouldn't build so it wouldn't matter). So when it comes to game play I'm assuming its making decisions based on high-level thinking.

What the dog/computer has done when he ran out of cash is mortgage properties, as many do. But he has one monopoly and added a house any chance he got, rather than un-mortgage a property. It's higher odds that I'd land on one of his 3 high rent properties, but it seems to be hist strategy.

Game is still going...we'll see how I fare against a Tycoon! (I'm just a little grandma)

Marty [03:15 Jan 15th, 2024]

The computer bug has been fixed🚀.

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Wakey618 (unregistered) [08:11 Jan 15th, 2024]

I was just coming here to say that! I had just come up with a new strategy on how to play it to have more fun with the glitch. Now the dog just built houses on a monopoly I intentionally let him get, thinking he wouldn't build lol!!!

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X-Face (unregistered) [12:36 Jan 13th, 2024]

Legit smoked Dog, nice game

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Eva (unregistered) [21:48 Jan 14th, 2024]

X- face you have to try this Monopoly game it's really good

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Plodders (unregistered) [10:50 Jan 11th, 2024]

Game glitched and give the CPU unlimited goes...

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Eva (unregistered) [19:55 Jan 8th, 2024]

This Monopoly game is really cool

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Pula (unregistered) [15:17 Jan 7th, 2024]

Why is the computer playing alone???? Only the dog is rolling dices and playing

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AlgonWolf (unregistered) [09:53 Jan 6th, 2024]

Computer only builds houses on Go! Fix it.

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Gracie (unregistered) [21:14 Jan 12th, 2024]

well i play on computer and the Houses i build don't go on GO

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Wakey618 (unregistered) [13:54 Jan 13th, 2024]

I hear ya - winning is fun but not when it's like this. Opponent doesn't improve its properties and I eventually win.

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Lucas (unregistered) [19:15 Jan 5th, 2024]

My game is loading to long

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Dont_Bother (unregistered) [22:52 Jan 4th, 2024]

Game has not worked in 6 months. Comments are ignored. Move on

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Don (unregistered) [09:26 Jan 3rd, 2024]

This would be a nice game if computer players were able to build houses and hotels! Computer players currently only purchase houses for 'Go' for $0 each (making the game practically useless).

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FixHouseIssue (unregistered) [08:35 Jan 3rd, 2024]

Allow computer to buy houses. This error takes away the competitive fun of playing... PLEASE!!


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