Papas Cheeseria

Papas Cheeseria online game

Papas Cheeseria

• Published Jun 10th, 2015 with 213762 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
Welcome to Papa's Cheeseria, where you'll manage a busy sandwich shop and strive to satisfy your loyal customers with delicious sandwiches. When customers arrive, they'll place their orders, and it's up to you to head to the build station and start crafting their perfect sandwich. Choose the bread, toppings, and cheese to meet your customer's preferences. You'll need to cook the grilled cheese to perfection over at the grill station and, if requested, prepare some tasty fries at the fry station. Finally, add the finishing touches, and your sandwich is ready to be served!
To maximize your sandwich shop's success, complete all the achievements and serve all the VIP customers. Can you unlock all the special recipes and become a master of Papa's Cheeseria?

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Ohiogyattrizzler (unregistered) [11:29 Jul 1st, 2024]

It’s quite laggy

JasmineHope [07:54 Jun 28th, 2024]

It is a cool game but takes forever to load

The player has no avatar
Yuka (unregistered) [09:13 Jun 18th, 2024]

So laggy,Please fix it

The player has no avatar
Gabby (unregistered) [19:57 Jun 5th, 2024]

so laggy now

The player has no avatar
Gabby (unregistered) [05:22 May 7th, 2024]

It works despite little glitches

The player has no avatar
love (unregistered) [16:31 May 5th, 2024]

THIS GAME is so cool i love it like this game and follow them on facebook i think?😳😳😳😳😍

The player has no avatar
Jick (unregistered) [23:37 Apr 8th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
SoJ (unregistered) [08:23 Mar 23rd, 2024]

The best theme music of the Papa Louie universe, and having delicious food with my favourite food— CHEESE!

The player has no avatar
Nickacadoeavacadoe (unregistered) [09:14 May 1st, 2024]

I love cheeeeeeeeeeese

The player has no avatar
LOL (unregistered) [10:13 Mar 21st, 2024]

The game fixed It's glitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The player has no avatar
SoJ (unregistered) [08:25 Mar 23rd, 2024]

Yes it fixed a lot that became more smooth… Other website version of this gameria is very laggy, making me a bit annoyed.

The player has no avatar
Hannah (unregistered) [17:11 Mar 18th, 2024]

I love this game so much one of my favs

The player has no avatar
potato (unregistered) [01:43 Mar 13th, 2024]

suuperr good

The player has no avatar
omggudda (unregistered) [01:40 Feb 5th, 2024]

love love love it

The player has no avatar
popo (unregistered) [13:57 Jan 13th, 2024]

this game is so nice that😡😡😡😡👿😈

The player has no avatar
What (unregistered) [10:20 May 2nd, 2024]

That what??????

The player has no avatar
AIM (unregistered) [12:30 Jan 7th, 2024]

i luv this gam😍😘e but it still has some glitchies😥 plz fix it

The player has no avatar
puppy (unregistered) [19:22 Dec 2nd, 2023]

good game


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