Papa's Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria online game

Papa's Wingeria

• Published Jun 16th, 2012 with 176144 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
Congratulations! You've just won a trip to Starlight City, where you'll be given the exciting opportunity to manage Papa's newest restaurant. As the head chef, your main responsibilities include frying up an array of delicious meats, particularly the restaurant's famous chicken wings, and tossing them in a variety of flavorful sauces. However, presentation is also key. To ensure customer satisfaction, you'll need to skillfully arrange the fried foods, sides, and veggies to create a visually pleasing and appetizing dish.
But the fun doesn't stop there. In addition to wings, you'll have the chance to fry up other meats and experiment with a wide assortment of sauces and sides. Master different patterns and layouts to earn high scores and generous tips to spend in the Shop. Get ready to become a master chef and impress your customers with your culinary skills!

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joy (unregistered) [15:34 Dec 21st, 2023]

i need chuck so bad... not even funny bro.

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Addy (unregistered) [15:08 Dec 18th, 2023]

Love this! Works perfectly!!😄

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YOURMOM (unregistered) [09:21 Nov 14th, 2023]

LOVE THE GAME WORKS BEST ON A computer or laptop laggy on phone, has a few glitches like the buttons are blank but you can figure it out easily 🙂) totally recommend good duplicate and brings back my memories :D😄

The player has no avatar
hello123 (unregistered) [22:37 Nov 12th, 2023]

this game is so cool and fun 😎!!!!!!!!

The player has no avatar
Papagamehater (unregistered) [21:23 Oct 4th, 2023]

I always hated these games

The player has no avatar
randomstargirl (unregistered) [11:52 Oct 17th, 2023]

then why did you comment on it if you hate it so much?

mmm_cheddar_cheese [12:27 Aug 7th, 2023]

pasta game is good 👍

The player has no avatar
Andy (unregistered) [20:46 Jul 11th, 2023]

I cant load my saved game

The player has no avatar
Fomo (unregistered) [14:25 Jun 17th, 2023]

Good game but some of the boxes for words like continue don't show up so you don't know what your clicking on

The player has no avatar
MIAPLAYS (unregistered) [11:57 Jun 16th, 2023]

my fave game ever.. its fun and addicting

The player has no avatar
flippingcoolperosn (unregistered) [05:30 Jun 15th, 2023]

This game was so fun! It gave me hours of enjoyment, I'm so greatful it exists!

The player has no avatar
Melody (unregistered) [20:05 Jun 2nd, 2023]

I like the game it's fun!

The player has no avatar
adan (unregistered) [22:37 Jun 1st, 2023]

this game is sh**t so much lags and glitchs👿

The player has no avatar
gamer (unregistered) [13:16 Oct 30th, 2023]

only 4 letters

The player has no avatar
muzaha (unregistered) [04:14 May 12th, 2023]

Man IM running this thing in mobile is so LAG!!!!

The player has no avatar
Wally (unregistered) [08:55 May 10th, 2023]


The player has no avatar
ohgod (unregistered) [13:20 May 10th, 2023]

thats bad

The player has no avatar
gfthgdf (unregistered) [13:44 May 1st, 2023]

I want them to add papas shoeria where they make shoes

The player has no avatar
wtf (unregistered) [13:41 May 3rd, 2023]

IKR? you could choose what sole, what type, what color and what size

The player has no avatar
John (unregistered) [21:31 Jun 22nd, 2023]

The theme about these are food/drinks so that most likely won't happen but it could be fun idk

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