Papa's Pastaria

Papa's Pastaria online game

Papa's Pastaria

• Published Dec 9th, 2013 with 73354 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
Papa's Pastaria is an interesting cooking game where you operate an Italian pasta restaurant. You start by selecting a character and then taking orders from customers. Once you have an order, you need to cook the pasta, add sauce and toppings, and bake some bread. The game has four stations: Order Station, Cook Station (Boiling Station), Build Station, and Bread Station. The Order Station is identical to other Papa Louie games, but the Cook Station is different because you only need to place the correct variety of pasta into the water. The Build Station is where you top the spaghetti with sauce and additional ingredients. The Bread Station is where you slide the bread along the conveyor belt for the customer to evaluate your cooking and pasta-making skills.

Here are some of the things you can do in Papa's Pastaria:

  • Select a character and customize their appearance.
  • Take orders from customers and cook their pasta to perfection.
  • Add sauce and toppings to the pasta.
  • Bake bread and serve it to customers.
  • Decorate the dining area and earn tips from satisfied customers.
  • Unlock new ingredients and recipes as you progress.
  • Play through four seasons and 12 holidays.

If you're a fan of cooking games, then you'll definitely enjoy Papa's Pastaria. It's a fun and challenging game that will test your skills as a pasta chef.

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meeee (unregistered) [12:48 Jun 3rd, 2024]

there's no way ppl are having beef over a game 💀💀💀💀💀💀

The player has no avatar
noname (unregistered) [12:47 Jun 3rd, 2024]

why you guys beefing over a game 💀 Its not a big of a deal

The player has no avatar
leon (unregistered) [15:29 Jan 10th, 2024]

i cooka da meatball

The player has no avatar
sihsjnsnj (unregistered) [07:42 Dec 14th, 2023]

It just gives me a blank screen om the tutorial...and won't let me proceed....

The player has no avatar
michelle (unregistered) [12:24 Nov 27th, 2023]

why won’t my level save???

The player has no avatar
lala (unregistered) [05:44 Dec 15th, 2023]

i dont no try to see another web😟😋

The player has no avatar
nunun (unregistered) [00:06 Mar 18th, 2024]


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Judy (unregistered) [22:40 Oct 30th, 2023]

My son plays this game all the time! He is so addicted to it, you should add a screen time limit and add educational activities such as if you solve a math question you can get a new topping each time. This will really benefit my son! And can give him a less chance of becoming blind.

The player has no avatar
randomstargirl (unregistered) [18:06 Dec 3rd, 2023]

educational activites? time limit? that sounds horrible. plus this game isnt even meant for educational purposes... :/

The player has no avatar
HybridGama564 (unregistered) [17:57 Jan 24th, 2024]

I think this is a bot

The player has no avatar
randomstargirl (unregistered) [21:23 Feb 20th, 2024]

probably lmao

The player has no avatar
Anonymous (unregistered) [01:55 Oct 21st, 2023]

Everything is perfect in this game what's wrong with you guys I always get good percentage, you just don't know how to play this game just stfu and don't play if you don't know how to

The player has no avatar
rando (unregistered) [01:10 Sep 25th, 2023]

For anyone who's reading the comments, they fixed the bugs. I'm playing rn and there's no problems with the sauce or the build scores. Everything seems to be running pretty smoothly.

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youlikeme (unregistered) [17:39 Sep 9th, 2023]

why is the girl the name of a state

The player has no avatar
lilly (unregistered) [11:28 Oct 25th, 2023]

ha ha ha

The player has no avatar
HelloPeople (unregistered) [17:58 Jul 10th, 2023]

WHY IS IT ALWAYS 0% ON THE BUILDING? And me getting a “$.” tip because they didn’t say how many mushrooms they wanted. Like, Bruh, Karen. I’m trying!

The player has no avatar
John (unregistered) [10:06 Jul 24th, 2023]

For me it works idk why but I'll take it.

The player has no avatar
kiddo (unregistered) [12:51 Jul 9th, 2023]

what is wrong with the sauce? and why is the build station always 0%?

The player has no avatar
GlitchAllDay (unregistered) [17:59 Jul 10th, 2023]


The player has no avatar
xyz (unregistered) [01:53 May 3rd, 2023]

is it just me or is something wrong with the sauce?

The player has no avatar
ilikeyou (unregistered) [15:27 Sep 10th, 2023]

its just you

The player has no avatar
Unicornlover (unregistered) [08:16 Mar 24th, 2023]

I can't tell what number of mushrooms they want.
I can't get a hundred percent on build station
and the music kinda ****. but other than that... AMAZING 😃😃😄

The player has no avatar
12kyoo (unregistered) [11:26 Feb 11th, 2023]

piper so funny

The player has no avatar
Khushi (unregistered) [01:22 Jan 9th, 2023]

there is glitch in everything
I like this game but


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