Papas Donuteria

Papas Donuteria online game

Papas Donuteria

• Published Jun 16th, 2014 with 298185 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
Welcome to Papa's Donuteria, where you'll manage a donut shop in the lively Powder Point town. As carnival time approaches, waves of customers will arrive, placing orders and expecting speedy service. You'll need to mold, prep, bake, fill, and top the donuts as fast as you can to keep your customers happy. With numerous ingredients to manage, you'll need to pay close attention to each order, ensuring that every donut is made to your customers' exact specifications.
As more customers visit your restaurant, things will become increasingly challenging, and you'll have to juggle multiple orders at once. Papa's Donuteria is an excellent addition to the Papa Louie game series, and the carnival-like town is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Are you ready to bake and serve delicious donuts to your customers?

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SilverQueen731 [17:56 Jun 15th, 2024]

Dunno if this is just my computer, but this game doesn't run more than a few frames per second

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MinecraftYoutuber (unregistered) [14:41 May 13th, 2024]

My favourite thing about this game is that the radio plays A minor

The player has no avatar
jinxdaart [11:31 Feb 23rd, 2024]

i love donutting

The player has no avatar
Sweattt (unregistered) [23:37 Mar 25th, 2024]

I also love nutting

The player has no avatar
jinxdaart (unregistered) [12:43 Apr 24th, 2024]

Me too

Cupid888 [15:12 Jan 21st, 2024]

After a while of playing my game starts to move slow even turning the quality down doesn't help. 🙁 💔

The player has no avatar
Leahh (unregistered) [20:49 Jan 11th, 2024]

Screen blank

Giannajenica [06:31 Jan 24th, 2024]

Me to

The player has no avatar
honk069 (unregistered) [19:54 Mar 11th, 2024]

Reload it

The player has no avatar
lara (unregistered) [00:24 Jan 3rd, 2024]

i cant save a back up 🙁

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Kim (unregistered) [02:33 Nov 29th, 2023]

I'm not able to drizzle the chocolate syrup over the first donut even though it's in the order. the little arrow keeps pointing to the second donut when I try to do this. it's ok with other sauces though. does anyone else have this problem??

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Owl (unregistered) [08:54 Dec 3rd, 2023]

It's crucial that you hover the syrup towards the direction of the donut that you want even before you hover over the plate, so the game doesn't misunderstand you. For example: if the syrup is hovering above the middle of the plate before you can pour it, the game understands that you want to pour it onto the second donut. This prompts the game to point to the second donut. I had this problem as well, therefore it's just game design in order to help you. It sucks that once you hover it over a part of the plate, you can't change it in case you made a mistake.

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Owl (unregistered) [09:31 Dec 3rd, 2023]

Also clicking on the syrup to select it and then hovering it over a donut but letting go of the click button for even 0.5 seconds makes the game believe that the closest donut is the one that you want to drizzle over, so I think this is the best answer to your question. You might have let go of the button briefly.

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Weezer (unregistered) [10:25 Apr 30th, 2024]

I love drizzling in my mouth

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dead (unregistered) [06:27 Nov 6th, 2023]

this game gives me so many old memories 🙂

The player has no avatar
lala (unregistered) [05:40 Dec 15th, 2023]

yes i love papas games 😋

The player has no avatar
lala (unregistered) [05:42 Dec 15th, 2023]

and give me old memories too😆😋

The player has no avatar
Kay (unregistered) [01:16 Oct 31st, 2023]

It's so laggy.. The screen is black all the time! 🙁

The player has no avatar
dead (unregistered) [06:24 Nov 6th, 2023]

its laggy for me to but i though it was just my laptop bc its rlly old, its like 7 yrs old

The player has no avatar
Hehe (unregistered) [01:42 Oct 17th, 2023]

It's really nice I got deja vo while playing this game last time I played this game when I was 7 or 8 and now I am 11 hehe

The player has no avatar
dead (unregistered) [06:22 Nov 6th, 2023]

i also first played it when i was 7 but that was on cool maths, but something happed so now you can't play it on there 🙁

The player has no avatar
Luigifrommario (unregistered) [13:50 Oct 16th, 2023]

not as good as papas pastaria

The player has no avatar
Miranda (unregistered) [07:45 Oct 15th, 2023]

Yo, that's so cool.

The player has no avatar
zhanare (unregistered) [11:36 Oct 14th, 2023]

My roomate doesn't want to stop playing this game..Everyday I hear him playing this game while screaming and blasting out the loud rock music.

The player has no avatar
slaypurr (unregistered) [03:05 Oct 29th, 2023]

AS HE SHOULD 😨😙😰😵👷😑👸👩🙀😾👮👿

The player has no avatar
_______ (unregistered) [05:11 Apr 15th, 2024]

Why are some of these comments so cringe.😅😅😅😅
But I do love this game and respect you all😉🙂
And did bring old memories back.☺️
Hope y’all have a good day😀😀😀😁

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smellyfeet (unregistered) [10:38 Oct 14th, 2023]

This game is soo nostalgic,sometimes when im bored with my life i play this to escape the reality. Also it is very interesting when looking at the dissapointed faces of the people when i ruin their food while listening to slipknot.. i am a world before i am a man,i was a creature before i could stand, i would remember before i forget,before i forget that.😝😝😝

The player has no avatar
zhanare (unregistered) [11:33 Oct 14th, 2023]

So kawaii my dude,but for the last time of the week I beg you to stop playing that loud music.Thats the only reason why being your roomate is the worst thing that happened in my life.

The player has no avatar
Uhmidk (unregistered) [19:00 Oct 12th, 2023]

I dont know but i thought these people were bots lol..


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