Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria online game

Papa's Freezeria

• Published Feb 16th, 2012 with 298222 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
In Papa's Freezeria, you step into the role of a dessert shop manager while the owner is away on leave. Your mission is to serve your customers their favorite sweets accurately and efficiently across multiple stations, striving to make zero mistakes and earn the most generous tips possible. As you progress, you can invest your hard-earned cash into upgrading the freezeria, dessert stations, and shop decoration, making it more attractive and enjoyable for your customers.
With numerous ingredients and toppings to learn, it's essential to take a good look at all the stations before the rush hour hits. Completing achievements and serving VIP customers are just a few of the ways you can maximize your freezeria's success.

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omggudda (unregistered) [11:28 Mar 21st, 2024]

loves it

The player has no avatar
dead (unregistered) [02:17 Jan 21st, 2024]

bro am i the only one still playing this?!?

The player has no avatar
irfjddks62 (unregistered) [13:16 Jan 22nd, 2024]


The player has no avatar
randomstargirl (unregistered) [21:12 Feb 20th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
john_pizza (unregistered) [08:05 Jan 8th, 2024]

i think this game is better than any other papas game because you do not get to play it therefore it is better they should release more games like this👣👅👅👅👅👅💦💦💦💦💦💦

The player has no avatar
randomstargirl (unregistered) [01:22 Jan 20th, 2024]


The player has no avatar
Vixx (unregistered) [02:38 Apr 16th, 2024]

what are those emojis

The player has no avatar
afsghjmnbg (unregistered) [09:42 Dec 19th, 2023]

bro it soo good
i wish they had a papas ice creameria

The player has no avatar
1234 (unregistered) [14:31 Apr 15th, 2024]

they do, it's called Papa's scooperia

The player has no avatar
Randomstargirl2 (unregistered) [14:08 Oct 24th, 2023]

Cant even load backup , i lost all my stars

The player has no avatar
randomstargirl (unregistered) [11:48 Oct 17th, 2023]

love this game! prob one of the funnest papa games

Marty [10:16 Sep 30th, 2023]

one of the best

UnicornCat [15:09 Aug 29th, 2023]

Epik 👌
But kinda hard sometimes!

The player has no avatar
akk (unregistered) [18:07 Oct 13th, 2023]


The player has no avatar
ryu (unregistered) [06:00 Aug 16th, 2023]

nice game

The player has no avatar
jojo (unregistered) [08:54 Aug 13th, 2023]

i think this papa game is boring

The player has no avatar
ezpz (unregistered) [12:04 Jul 27th, 2023]

this is so cool

The player has no avatar
waterzlavaz (unregistered) [11:02 Jul 13th, 2023]

hehehehe gg😆😱😡😤

The player has no avatar
Fomo (unregistered) [04:42 Jun 17th, 2023]

The toppings won't go to the front for some reason but the graphics are smooth

UnicornCat [15:07 Aug 29th, 2023]

Yeah it does the same thing for me

The player has no avatar
Mary (unregistered) [00:17 Jun 6th, 2023]

Well i don't think its appropriet to be having these usernames. My son always plays this game!! 🍦

MaleahHorton [17:53 May 4th, 2023]

it does for me😱


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