Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa's Cupcakeria online game

Papa's Cupcakeria

• Published Aug 8th, 2013 with 251569 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction
The popular Papa series has returned with a new game that challenges you to make the most delicious and visually appealing cupcakes for your customers. As you bake and decorate your cupcakes, you must also keep your customers satisfied to earn big tips. Use your tips to upgrade your Cupcakeria with new clothes, furniture, and equipment.
The game becomes more challenging as you face multiple customers at once, requiring you to multitask and remain focused. There is never a dull moment in Papa's Cupcakeria, and you must always be on your toes to ensure that your customers are happy and their orders are correct. If you're looking for a fun and engaging game that tests your multitasking and culinary skills, then Papa's Cupcakeria is the perfect game for you.

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The player has no avatar
Kate (unregistered) [16:54 Aug 24th, 2022]

it takes so long to load i have not been able to play this game in years
do not play it takes way to long to load

The player has no avatar
umm (unregistered) [22:40 Nov 15th, 2022]

I think you just have bad internet- 😀

The player has no avatar
Annie (unregistered) [09:45 Jun 8th, 2022]

it has been loading for an hour. i wanted to play this after so many years of construction, but i can't. so disappointed. do better.

The player has no avatar
hheheee (unregistered) [18:35 Apr 26th, 2022]

rip my childhood

The player has no avatar
ThatGirlLovesArt (unregistered) [12:40 Apr 25th, 2022]

WHy wont it load Xd I wish they wouldnt take flash away. papa's games are so fun!

The player has no avatar
sashaly (unregistered) [20:41 Apr 14th, 2022]

come on we just want to playyyy this game is so fun 😩

The player has no avatar
BRUJJJJJ (unregistered) [04:01 Apr 14th, 2022]


The player has no avatar
BRUH (unregistered) [16:19 Mar 25th, 2022]

it's been four years now let us playy!

The player has no avatar
idk (unregistered) [02:16 Mar 16th, 2022]

"it will fix very soon" *2 years later*

The player has no avatar
Suki (unregistered) [16:34 Mar 20th, 2022]

I just wanna play this game. Please. It is the only thing that will bring me true happiness right now. Let me play.

The player has no avatar
knk (unregistered) [10:25 Sep 12th, 2022]

i just wanna play something bruh. my mom took my phone so i dont have anything to occupy myself with in highschool

The player has no avatar
wtf (unregistered) [08:55 Dec 31st, 2021]

its been years dude

The player has no avatar
Vanya (unregistered) [13:00 Aug 20th, 2022]

I want to play this game really badly.It's been 3 years since I played this game.

The player has no avatar
Sara (unregistered) [12:52 Oct 29th, 2021]

lmao i cant play either

The player has no avatar
boy (unregistered) [10:16 Oct 13th, 2021]

fix it now.

The player has no avatar
... (unregistered) [07:47 Sep 28th, 2021]

bro i cant play. fix this thing already

The player has no avatar
no one (unregistered) [10:34 Sep 22nd, 2021]

i literally cant play.
and ive tried everything
and its 2 years later when you said you will fix it

Jazzygurl711 [16:18 Aug 28th, 2018]

umm i cant play

Marty [03:06 Aug 29th, 2018]

it will be fixed very soon 😉

The player has no avatar
tapo (unregistered) [04:58 Oct 12th, 2020]

😡😡😡😡😡😡😭 why isn this working 😡😡😡 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

The player has no avatar
I am like a girly girl (unregistered) [11:34 Aug 2nd, 2017]

I will win 😉


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