Papa's Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia online game

Papa's Scooperia

• Published Jul 27th, 2018 with 949676 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction


Can you play Papa's Scooperia without Flash?

Sure, at GameFlare you can play Papa's Scooperia in your web browser without Flash and for free.

Papa's Scooperia is a fun cooking game where you are stuck in a town with no money and now you have to earn it somehow. However, Papa Louie has an idea. Stay in this town and open up an ice cream shop! Bake cookies, sell ice cream and make money! The game offers an option of saving your game if need be, so that you can continue after you return to the game. Start playing and start cashing in!
At the first order from a customer, the game will explain the process of how individual dishes are prepared. Try to remember everything, because you will have to prepare the next order yourself. Of course, the goal will be to be the best and fastest possible, so that your customers are satisfied and you are richly rewarded.


  • variety of recipes and culinary challenges
  • time management elements
  • personalize your own character
  • colorful graphics and great music

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urmomlol (unregistered) [22:18 Nov 6th, 2022]

y is it white tho

The player has no avatar
urmomlol (unregistered) [22:17 Nov 6th, 2022]

i just guess the fashion flambe😐

The player has no avatar
Lol (unregistered) [14:14 Nov 10th, 2022]


The player has no avatar
bruh (unregistered) [15:39 Nov 6th, 2022]

Every time I use cotton candy syrup NOTHING COMES OUT and then I either have to reload or NOT USE it stupid closers.

The player has no avatar
sox (unregistered) [14:48 Nov 6th, 2022]

gigantic oily men moment

The player has no avatar
D1gamergrl (unregistered) [15:15 Nov 7th, 2022]

Um, what?

The player has no avatar
MWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMM (unregistered) [19:25 Nov 11th, 2022]

Pal think he tough talking on If you see me in the streets you better run cause I aint play no games. 😈

The player has no avatar
hooman (unregistered) [11:17 Dec 12th, 2022]

Wut the heck is going on here?

The player has no avatar
OKAY (unregistered) [11:29 Nov 6th, 2022]

Yeah, what is up w/ this cotton candy syrup??

The player has no avatar
Gogo6787 (unregistered) [14:55 Nov 5th, 2022]

Can I not be white XD😄

The player has no avatar
amam (unregistered) [10:53 Nov 4th, 2022]

periat this game ate

The player has no avatar
zeina (unregistered) [22:44 Nov 2nd, 2022]

best game

The player has no avatar
Anjola (unregistered) [17:47 Nov 2nd, 2022]

I loooooooooove scooperia

sylwvie [17:36 Nov 2nd, 2022]

its a glitch

The player has no avatar
poo (unregistered) [10:10 Nov 2nd, 2022]

why am i all white

The player has no avatar
katsumi (unregistered) [15:50 Oct 15th, 2022]

apparently u cant b anything but pale in this game? theres a glitch that makes ur character pale in the mirror + while writing down someones order lol

The player has no avatar
Mic (unregistered) [13:51 Oct 15th, 2022]

good game cokies

Jiaxian_Lu [00:15 Oct 11th, 2022]

Im just hopeping that this game will get updated so that we won't get glitched with MUTIPLE COLOUR SYRUP and even the WHITE STUFFS WHICH I CAN SEE THAT THEY ARE THERE! If u guys notice that the person we are playing as the chef.. WE DON'T EVEN SEE IT WHEN IT IS GONNA BE AT THE END OF THE THING which I forgot what is called (story stuff or whatever idk).

Jiaxian_Lu [00:16 Oct 11th, 2022]

(I forgot to put an 'S' on the word syrup... )

The player has no avatar
armando (unregistered) [11:12 Oct 11th, 2022]

I know i had to go to yt to go see the end cut scene. The emulator is still under development so it will probably get fixed

The player has no avatar
hahaha (unregistered) [17:34 Oct 12th, 2022]

it also disappears in some parts of the intro as well

Jiaxian_Lu [06:51 Oct 13th, 2022]

Whoever has the white tiger recipe, do u guys notice that when u will see the results, its says build station 84% i went on the internet bc of that and then what i saw was it was correct but so stange… Why did the build station for the white tiger recpie become 84%..?

The player has no avatar
Layla (unregistered) [19:39 Sep 27th, 2022]

Rank 39, Day 70: Is anybody else's game just giving up on any time they pick up the cotton candy syrup? Or any time they pick up the cotton candy syrup there's a chance it'll glitch out their game?

The player has no avatar
fredyfazboar (unregistered) [06:10 Oct 1st, 2022]

yeah, whenever I use that syrup it works ok for 5 seconds and then just won’t come out and I can’t pick anything else up except the ticket, and when you try and put the ticket on the green thing, all the stations become grayed out and you have to restart. I would say just don’t use it at all.

The player has no avatar
Layla (unregistered) [12:16 Oct 1st, 2022]

EXACTLY!! Honestly, I just ended up not using it. Just sucks because the end closer person wanted that one. If the syrup didn't freeze on the orders before, it would for sure freeze on the very last one. so I was done and just said F it. Not gonna use a Goddamn syrup that likes to break the game. Cotton Candy is overrated anyways.

The player has no avatar
fredyfazboar (unregistered) [06:14 Oct 7th, 2022]

the same thing happens with the rainbow syrup on new year>🙁

The player has no avatar
Jiaxian_Lu (unregistered) [00:03 Oct 11th, 2022]

I think I know why the cotton candy & the new year syrup (Flavor X syrup) (and even the valentine's Day syrup name: Cherry Cheesecake syrup) are glitched... I THINK its because of the COLOURS... if u try others they're not glitched and they only have one COLOUR SYRUP if U TRY THE OTHER SYRUP WHICH HAS MUTILPLE COLOURS. It will glitch... (I hope im right.. 😰)

The player has no avatar
hooman (unregistered) [12:16 Dec 13th, 2022]

This is handy info since I just got cotton candy syrup.

The player has no avatar
HUMAN (unregistered) [20:21 Oct 2nd, 2023]

i just don't use the cotton candy syrup, then it comes to finding out the results from the customer i still get high results even without the ccs (cotton candy syrup)

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