Papa's Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia online game

Papa's Scooperia

• Published Jul 27th, 2018 with 979729 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction


Can you play Papa's Scooperia without Flash?

Sure, at GameFlare you can play Papa's Scooperia in your web browser without Flash and for free.

Papa's Scooperia is a fun cooking game where you are stuck in a town with no money and now you have to earn it somehow. However, Papa Louie has an idea. Stay in this town and open up an ice cream shop! Bake cookies, sell ice cream and make money! The game offers an option of saving your game if need be, so that you can continue after you return to the game. Start playing and start cashing in!
At the first order from a customer, the game will explain the process of how individual dishes are prepared. Try to remember everything, because you will have to prepare the next order yourself. Of course, the goal will be to be the best and fastest possible, so that your customers are satisfied and you are richly rewarded.


  • variety of recipes and culinary challenges
  • time management elements
  • personalize your own character
  • colorful graphics and great music

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random (unregistered) [22:53 May 8th, 2022]

Soooo annoying that I can't play this, its my favourite one!!!!!!!!!

The player has no avatar
meme (unregistered) [02:26 Apr 22nd, 2022]

whyyyyy! it is 2022 and the game still does not work! it is my favourite scooperia game and i cant play it! wwhhhyyyyyyy!

Marty [05:42 Apr 22nd, 2022]

you have to wait

The player has no avatar
aaaaaa (unregistered) [11:55 Oct 8th, 2022]

isnt it gonna be done at the end of the year?

The player has no avatar
ethan (unregistered) [07:36 Dec 23rd, 2021]

😆hapy game

The player has no avatar
demisparkles (unregistered) [23:32 Oct 17th, 2021]

awww i wish flash was still here😞

The player has no avatar
lmeee (unregistered) [13:34 Jan 22nd, 2022]

who was flash and why was it banned? i never had a problem with this game

The player has no avatar
werty (unregistered) [14:58 Mar 28th, 2022]

flash is a video game emulator that lets game be played, when it was taken away lots of games became unavailable like this one, the only way to get it is through the games on the app store

The player has no avatar
hooman (unregistered) [11:20 Dec 12th, 2022]

RIP flash. 😢

The player has no avatar
Imaan (unregistered) [09:31 Jul 14th, 2021]

I couldnt play this bcz of the flash player which ended years ago now I have to wait 2 whole months until my dad download it again,wish it was without flash player😞

The player has no avatar
Unicornlover (unregistered) [12:17 Dec 13th, 2022]

RIP flash

The player has no avatar
NONO (unregistered) [14:44 Mar 19th, 2021]

I love this game. Wish it was actually available to play 🙁.

The player has no avatar
Zlaxcal (unregistered) [19:56 Sep 11th, 2021]

ik man it sucks

The player has no avatar
111 (unregistered) [16:10 Jan 10th, 2022]

I loved it last year, then the school district took it away and added back on #lolbeans

The player has no avatar
old (unregistered) [00:26 Feb 5th, 2023]


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