Papa's Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia online game

Papa's Scooperia

• Published Jul 27th, 2018 with 968295 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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  • Mouse interaction


Can you play Papa's Scooperia without Flash?

Sure, at GameFlare you can play Papa's Scooperia in your web browser without Flash and for free.

Papa's Scooperia is a fun cooking game where you are stuck in a town with no money and now you have to earn it somehow. However, Papa Louie has an idea. Stay in this town and open up an ice cream shop! Bake cookies, sell ice cream and make money! The game offers an option of saving your game if need be, so that you can continue after you return to the game. Start playing and start cashing in!
At the first order from a customer, the game will explain the process of how individual dishes are prepared. Try to remember everything, because you will have to prepare the next order yourself. Of course, the goal will be to be the best and fastest possible, so that your customers are satisfied and you are richly rewarded.


  • variety of recipes and culinary challenges
  • time management elements
  • personalize your own character
  • colorful graphics and great music

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blurry_Nakahara (unregistered) [20:26 Sep 19th, 2023]

this game is so addicting im not even kidding 💀 but overall this game is so much fun but i get stressful when one of the picky customers are ordering 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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rin (unregistered) [23:21 Sep 16th, 2023]

my entire progress got deleted out of nowhere and i was level 100...

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jermaluvr985 (unregistered) [16:28 Sep 13th, 2023]

i legit love this game sm

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Bobmctrollbobux (unregistered) [10:11 Sep 13th, 2023]

funnest, coolest, bestest papa pooperia game frfr😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😋

The player has no avatar
baws (unregistered) [13:07 Sep 13th, 2023]


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jermaluvr985 (unregistered) [16:28 Sep 13th, 2023]

actually so real

The player has no avatar
kato (unregistered) [11:12 Oct 17th, 2023]


The player has no avatar
yalalam (unregistered) [11:41 Sep 12th, 2023]

nah the best game fr🙀

The player has no avatar
Laquisha (unregistered) [07:43 Sep 11th, 2023]

This game is soooo addictive. 47 years old and playing all day 😂

The player has no avatar
mee (unregistered) [20:01 Sep 10th, 2023]

i am in love 😍

The player has no avatar
Averageh8ter (unregistered) [14:31 Sep 7th, 2023]

This game is good and all i guess😐😐😐😐😐😐

The player has no avatar
idrinkwater (unregistered) [19:40 Sep 2nd, 2023]

This game is so good and addicting! I'm on day 49 right now, and I'm not planning on stopping!😎😍

The player has no avatar
fosbwejak (unregistered) [13:29 Sep 12th, 2023]

did you stop?

The player has no avatar
HUMAN (unregistered) [20:39 Sep 28th, 2023]

im on rank 58 an im on day 126, yea i've been playing alot😅

The player has no avatar
SOREN (unregistered) [18:29 Aug 25th, 2023]

I love this game fr !!!! the bad thing is that it lags sometimes,, 🙁

The player has no avatar
RoboticBoiHatesYouFr (unregistered) [12:03 Sep 6th, 2023]

I feel you 😥

The player has no avatar
Papa (unregistered) [22:08 Aug 16th, 2023]

It keeps zooming in so i cant do multiple customers at once because i cant access there order

The player has no avatar
cornelius (unregistered) [09:01 Aug 13th, 2023]

among us is better

The player has no avatar
urmother (unregistered) [12:29 Sep 11th, 2023]

Average alpha-gen🤓

The player has no avatar
IMI (unregistered) [07:00 Aug 13th, 2023]

this game hang so😡 much but its ok😏 because do so many levels and i dont want to give up😄

The player has no avatar
sadasdwada (unregistered) [05:01 Sep 10th, 2023]

Damn, bro what a dramatic text smh 💀

The player has no avatar
sushi (unregistered) [00:33 Aug 13th, 2023]

I remember playing this as a kid :/

The player has no avatar
honk069 (unregistered) [13:48 Aug 11th, 2023]

I'm obsessed with this game I play it all the time :]

The player has no avatar
Aymi (unregistered) [13:35 Aug 12th, 2023]

noice :D

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